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The Martial Art Concepts video training program was originally designed for our students who had moved away from our physical location to use as a way to stay sharp on their techniques and even advance in rank from a remote location. It soon became apparent through popular demand that all martial artists can benefit from these videos. We began filling video orders from around the world. Here is your opportunity to train with us from anywhere on earth.

Video Training Program FAQ

Q: How do I use the Martial Art Concepts Video Training program?

A: Simply download the first level (White Belt) and begin practicing the material. You should master the material in each video before moving on to the next video in the sequence.

Q: Can I test for belts and certificates through the Video Training Program?

A: Yes, after you have mastered the material, simply send us a video of you performing the required movements and if you have performed to a passing level we will send you a belt and certificate for a fee of $30.00.

Q: Can I video test for a Black Belt?

A: No, you must either come physically test with us or we will make arraignments to come to you.

Q: How long will it take to get my Black Belt?

A: First off there is no guarantee that you will “get” a Black Belt. You must earn a Black Belt through hard work and diligence. If you practice consistently, it takes approx. 3 years to reach 1st degree Black Belt.

Q: Do I need to purchase the videos?

A: You only purchase the Belt Level Videos as you use them ($25.00ea). Forms Videos ($15.00) , Foundational Videos ($10.00).

Q: Are there any free videos that I can preview to see if I am interested before I purchase?

A: Yes! Click on the following link for a free preview. Free Video Preview

Q: Is there anyone to contact if I have questions or need advice?

A: Yes, contact us anytime!

Download Martial Art Videos

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